Wednesday, June 2, 2010



What would someone do without food in there life? Of course die of hunger right.In the 1980's many foods were invented and restaurants were open. There was Italian,Mexican and many other cultures that people from different diversities got to taste. Children got the pleasure of tasting new desserts and candies. Thanks to the people.

A Italian-American restaurant was first open in December 13, 1982. It served many cuisines like pasta and salad. They also served from pizza and wines. It was owned by Darden Restaurants. The restaurant eventually became one of the largest chain of Italian-themed full service restaurants in the United States.

Mexican restaurants were also popular and opened. There was taquerias, which are booths where they sell tacos, burritos, gorditas, tortas, tamales, tostadas, enchiladas and much more. These foods contain from meat to seafood but of course with a lot of salsa. After 1980 it began to make its upscale in the United States. A lot liked that they didn't have to go to Mexico no more to find tamales.

In the 1980's the children also had an advantage to food. A lot of candies came out on stock. For example the first gummy bears and skittles were out. Junk food that was popular back then were candy necklaces, tootsie pops, fruit roll up, MC Donald's, Carl's JR, Wendy's, and many other chocolate bars. Drinks that also were drinked was Orange pop, Cherry Pop and New Coke.